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Description of the Competition

The competition has two sections, namely

1) The PERFORMANCE – referring to performance of the model on track or arena (how fast or how long the model performs) and

2) The LEARNING- referring written assessment and design assessment.

Performance carries 70% Weightage and Learning carries 30% Weightage for deciding the final standings.

How final standings are drawn?

  1.  Competitors receive learning triggers and other materials online. They are expected to read and respond to some questions/ activities- called responses to learning triggers. These are given at the end of each learning trigger.

Competitors are also encouraged to ask questions doubts or discuss model building related issues on the forum. Meaningful contributions to the forum will attract up to maximum 10 points out of 30 points allocated for ‘LEARNING’

(contributions by mentors will also be considered for special awards for mentors)

  1.  Competitors will appear for an online test which is mostly a high order thinking test. (…it means rote memorizations won’t help you !!!) This test carry 20 points out of the 30 points allocated for ‘LEARNING’
  2.  ‘First inspection’ of models is to be done by the competitors themselves. Self inspection builds a sense of awareness and reflective thinking habit. They are also required to upload a picture of model on our website. Competitors can also popularize their model and win ‘POPULAR CHOICE AWARD’.
  3.  Last comes the performance of the model.  The models are scheduled for performance at the track/arena in an event in each zone. The model must perform to prove its capacities required by the problem statement. This carries maximum 70 points. (See rules for more details)

Apart from the above judges may also award prize under the category “JUDGE’S CHOICE AWARD”

For ranking of models under ‘PERFORMANCE’, the judges will

  1. Observe for compliance of rules at the track or arena.
  2. Make official record of time clocked by each model.
  3. Note and award penalty points for fouls committed, if any, by any models/competitors.


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