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FAQ’s of the Competition

1. What is this competition about?

Answer : It’s a competition where students learn to apply science concepts relevant to his grade by learning about interconnections between Science  Engineering, Technology, and Maths- an essential element for science application skills. Learning is reinforced by building a model based on those concepts and competes with the models built by students.

2. Is this competition too complicated?

Answer : No. since the science concepts for competition are those relevant to the students grade, concept understanding is not difficult. Competition process is also easy to follow, also additional learning materials as well as model building help is made available online for the competitors.

3. How do we register for the competition?

Answer : Visit our web site ‘www.cogniumsteminstitute.com’  and click ‘register’ (add specific link)…. fill in the details, make payment for nominal registration fee of Rs 150/-.  You will receive login id and password to access all learning materials.

4. What is the flow of the competition?

Answer :

  1. Register yourself online. All information about competition is available online on our website
  2. Start receiving learning triggers/post your responses to learning triggers. Seek your mentors help or use forum to ask your questions.
  3. Start building model according to the rules of competition. Rules are uploaded on our website.
  4. Upload the ‘self inspection form’ of your model in format available online.
  5. Appear for an online MCQ test
  6. Compete for first place at competition on the first round event day.
  7. Winners receive problem statement for final round.
  8. Finalist modify/improve their models for finals and compete for the final standings

Visit our website for detailed flow of the competition.

5. Where can we see the videos on making the model?

Answer : These videos are uploaded on our website. (add specific link)…

6. How are we going to be judged for the competition?

Answer : Judging will be done on two criteria

  1. Performance – referring to the performance of the model on track or arena (how fast or how long the model performs) and
  2. Learning (theory)- referring written assessment and design assessment.

Performance carries 70% Weightage and understanding (theory) carries 30% Weightage for deciding the final standings.

7. When will the registration window open?

Answer : Registrations open on 1st June 2018 and closes 31st August 2018.

8. Can we register individually or as a group?

Answer: Yes, competitors can register either an as individual or as a group. a group can be of minimum 2 and  maximum 5 members. Members of a group should be from the same school and grade. Each group of 5 members will receive a complimentary model kit.

9. Students in the group should be from same school or can be from different schools?

Answer: Yes, Students in a group should be from same school same Grade/Standard

10. If we register as a group then, do we get individual id’s?

Answer: Yes, each member of group gets distinct login id and password to access to learning and other resources on our website.

11. Do we have to upload pics individually for inspection round?

Answer: Yes, each competitor/group must upload pic of his/their model and self inspection form on the website.
12. Do each member from the team needs to appear for online test?

Answer : Yes, each member of the team must appear online test.

13. Do we need to buy a kit if we register individually?

Answer : No, buying kit is optional. Models can be built from any materials of your choice. If you wish to buy a kit then it is available on Ecart.

14. Where will I get the kit?

Answer: Visit our website and go to Ecart and purchase your kit online.

15. Will you be training us to make the model?

Answer: There won’t be any individual training; however you can access all model building material as well as other instructions on our website

16. Who will be the mentor?

Answer: You can choose your mentor; it can be your parents or any person who can guide you through this competition. Your school may also appoint a science teacher from your school as a mentor.

17. Can parents accompany our children during the competition?

Answer: Yes, you are most welcome

18. What is this Peer Award?

Answer: Student should learn to appreciate good work done, even if it is done by his competitor. It is a great way to introspect and learn. Peer award is selected by competitors, where each competitor votes for one model from all other competitors. He/ She can vote for any model, except his own!

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