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  1. Visit www.cogniumsteminstitute.com
  2. Click on ‘REGISTER NOW’ button. This appears on home page, just below the competition icons. You can register as a group or as an individual. A group of 5 members will receive a model building kit ‘free of charge’.
  3. Fill up the details required and submit the form. *
    1. Before registering, talk with your mentor and keep his mail id, contact number handy.
    2. Parent can register with his mail id on behalf of the child. All future communications, including learning materials will be sent to this mail.
    3. You may opt for buying a model building kit. Note that buying the kit is not compulsory for participating in the competition. Only registration fees are payable for those not opting to buy the kit.
  4. Clicking the ‘register’ button will take you to ECART, where you can pay for competition registration fees. If you are eligible for any discounts, you can claim them by applying coupons before ‘check out’
  5. Clicking ‘PROCEED TO CHECK OUT ‘ will take you to form for billing/delivery address.
  6. You may opt to pay ‘CASH ON DELIVERY’
  7. Click ‘PLACE ORDER’ and you are done.






You will receive an email confirming the registration and also receive LOGIN ID and PASSWORD. With these you can login to access materials which are only for registered users.

With this ID and PASSWORD, you can also login on FORUM, where you can ask your doubts and learn many other tips and tricks.

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