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Who can ever forget the joy of getting wet in rains, jumping in the puddles and sailing paper boats?

The SAIL BOAT competition for 4th graders is not only of play and enjoyment, but also great way of learning some basics in science. This event and its Learning materials explain the hidden science in very simple and practical way.

The competitors are expected to build a sail boat out any materials of their choice, and blow it to win the race!



Build a boat with sail which can move in a water tank by blowing the sail with a straw.

Time starts at count of ‘zero’ call and ends at moment boat touches the finish end of the tank.




General notes-

  1. The SAIL BOAT should be propelled by air blown at the sail through straw by the competitor.
  2. The sail boat can be made up of any material of competitor’s choice.
  3. Alternatively, the sail boat can be made from the kit available with cognium’s website.
  4. Competitors may buy a kit from our website if they wish. They may use it for purposes of trials, experiments or practice or for the competition. However, buying kits from our website is optional and is made available for competitor’s convenience only. Buying from cognium will not earn any extra credits at the competition.
  5. The competitor shall ensure that parts bought from sources other than cognium, conform the rules of the competition, failing which the model will be disqualified.
  6. There MAY be a revised problem statement for the final round. These revisions will be announced after completion of the first round. Winners of the first round may, if they feel necessary, modify or rebuild their boats to meet the revised problem statement.


Competitors are required to build a SAIL BOAT out of any material like wood, foam, or such other material. The sail boat is driven only by the air blown at the sail by the competitor. Sail boat shall not have any propeller, motor rubber band etc to drive the boat. The boat may have any number of sails, provided it does not exceed the dimension limits specified in dimension rules.

The boat will be place at one end of the tank. At the flag off the competitor shall start blowing at the sail through a straw provided. The competitor who blows the boat to the finish line in shortest time wins the race


  1. Dimension rules
  2. The length of the boat must not exceed 20 cms
  3. The width of the boat must not exceed 12.5 cms
  4. The height of the boat must not exceed 40 cms
  5. Area of sail must not exceed 600 sq.cms (Approx. size of A4 paper)


  1. Weight

There is no weight limit for the boat.

Materials of construction

The sail boat can be made out of any material of the competitor’s choice. Kit for boat is also made available on our website for convenience of competitors. However buying kit from cognium is not compulsory.


The sail boat is powered solely by blowing through straw by the competitor.


    Students are free to design the sail boat and its parts in anyway, which can make it sail through the tank efficiently. No mechanisms that add thrust in any way other than the blowing are permitted. Pushing or touching the boat during the run is not permitted.


Prohibited items

  1. Use of materials that release gases or alters the speed of the boat running on sails is not permitted.
  2. Mechanism to store energy, other than pressurized air is not allowed.

Arena details.

The arena is tank, 20 cms wide and 40cms deep and 3 meters long.

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