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“GLOBAL HANDS ON MINDS ON COMPETITION” is a S.T.E.M. based competition aimed at helping students to break the barriers of bookish knowledge and move forward towards acquiring skills of application.   

The competition poses a carefully selected problem statement based on science concepts learnt at school. Being in form of competition, it is not only enjoyable but also provides students an immense drive to perform and prove. This competition creates a need to draw upon their learning in classroom, and apply it to win competition. Building a working model requires various parts to work in clockwork precision. It demands merging of more than one concept in seamless fashion.  This results in deep understanding of these concepts. It also ignites their otherwise dormant spirit of innovation in a disciplined manner, as their merging concepts and innovation must meet the rules and constraints of a healthy competition.

The learning materials and manuals which we provide give them a clear understanding of how theoretical Science is transformed into technology and how Technology, Engineering design process and practices go hand in hand. It also provides them an insight how Mathematics is an indispensable tool in process of engineering.

This competition gives students insight of S.T.E.M. better than other methods.

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